Well… I have to agree with this. I mean… well I don’t want to be mean but it’s true OTL” It’s hard…..VERY HARD for me to distinguish between each character she draws. She recently posted a new deviation with sketches of other people’s OCs and her OC last and, well… all of them looked the same, with nearly the same face expression. OTL” It rarely ever looks like she puts work into her artwork because the lines look sketchy and the coloring is flat (I didn’t say she doesn’t work hard on it but it just LOOKS like she doesn’t) and she only gets props because it’s cute. And people say that she’s their inspiration when they’re just going to turn their back and copy her style.
If she’d at least make her style a lot less imitable, maybe she wouldn’t have so many problems dealing with crazy fans trying to “be” her. 
All I can do is wish her luck as of now and hope that something happens soon ; A ;”

I love her, she is great artist. I dont mind really about her art, it is so squishy and so adorable. If she wants to draw what she wants, then thats her choice.
I am a minor fan of her but I am not someone that would trying to be like her since I’ve my art style, I rarely sketch anymore so…yes, but I did posted it on my dA, oh well.
Puni is great, but I would love her to draw more and the commission she did was great too!!
It’s just that if people doesnt like her art, stop looking at her art. I still will love it :”D
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While “oriental” might be considered a pejorative in American English, it is not considered pejorative or offensive in British English (according to wikipedia). But always be cautious about your language :)

hurrrr stereotype!!
Not all Asian have slanted eyes and dude, I do not have slanted eyes.
Oh please, dont judges us all Asian to have slanted eyes.
Please watch it before you speak. Dont embarrass yourself or make yourself look fool.
Bloody “ell!!
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(via Around the World in 80 weeks) 2631. Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Wow, this mosque looks so luxurious with its pairing of gold and white. Even the trees look perfect!

Well hello, hello ~ Just very surprised to see my Country is featured here in ohmyasian.
I am so honour.

Wildlife photographer captures lion rescuing helpless cub from falling to its death



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